Geneva: Swiss watches, lakes, parks and fondue


The Swiss city of Geneva is home to historical monuments, watchmaking workshops, a majestic lake and green parks ideal for resting.The second largest city of Switzerland, Geneva lies on the border with French territory. It is known for hosting important international organizations, such as the European Central Organization (UN) and WHO (World Health Organization), as well as for its production of beautiful luxury watches, made with old techniques.

In fact, in this city is held every year an international watch fair, which brings together prestigious watchmakers from around the world. The Old Town of Geneva houses a myriad of architectural treasures. One of them is the cathedral of San Pedro; you will have to climb 157 steps to reach the top of its tower, from which you can see a privileged view of the city.

Do not forget to visit the Jet d’Eau, a fountain next to the Rhine river that throws water 140 meters high. You can appreciate it better from the Bains des Porquis, an artificial beach where you can also swim, take a boat ride and eat a rich fondue.

The magnificent Geneva parks, especially those on the banks of the river, are perfect for relaxing. Also visit the United Nations Headquarters, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Carouge handicraft village and the watch shops.


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