Panama, a destination of legends and myths


In this tropical wonder, located on the Panamanian Caribbean Sea, the chromatic palette looks unusual. The sea has blue tones, the white sand of its beaches reflects a golden glow and the palm trees have taken over the green to exert a contrast in the landscape.

Meanwhile, the natural diversity of its coasts gives visitors the best experience of a lifetime. This is because Guna Yala is a pristine region where tourist attractions attract hikers from around the world. There the Guna culture, based on the dress of its inhabitants, is based on the flute with which men mark the rhythm of their dances. In the sound of maracas wielding female hands.

Everything in the place seems out of the fruit of legends and myths related to the gods of the sea and the jungle. Rare and ancient are their customs and traditions that still remain in our days. In this region composed of small islands, coral reefs that, according to UNESCO, are among the best preserved on the Northwest Atlantic Biographic Coast and the Central Caribbean Bioregion , beaches full of coconut trees and soft mountains covered with primary forests are also a unique gastronomy based on original products, and homes made with natural elements such as palm fronds, coconut cloth and woods of incredible hardness. All this dazzles the visitor.

The San Blas archipelago, made up of a set of 370 coral islands, are a perfect setting for sailing and snorkeling. The wind is another element of this unique destination. Under the surface of its waters there is an entire underwater world that allows to live with the coral reefs, starfish, goldfish and with its famous lobsters and crabs (giant crabs).

Guna Yala is a wonderful sun and beach destination where you will be intertwined with spiritual experiences for the warmth and stillness of its wonderful landscapes.


In every corner of the extensive arch of coasts and islands visitors find something interesting to do, from snorkeling or enjoy the more than 300 islands of white sands and turquoise waters that constitute a true stamp that impress national and foreigners. Currently Guna Yala, has small hotels that the ethnic group manages, that constitute the ideal bases from where to leave for its next marine adventures.

There are also suitable camping sites. The hotels staff interact with travel agencies and other experts who serve from Panama City. It is good to remember that when booking online or communicating via e-mail you can clarify your gastronomic tastes.

Rica Gastronomy

Pasar by the Region of San Blas and not to taste the delicacies of the kitchen Guna, is a sin. The tropical flavor to cook with local dressings, such as coriander leaves or coconut milk, are a taste of the unique destination where you enjoy your vacation, lobster, seafood and fresh fish caught only hours before serving them to the table are delicious.

The dishes made with sea products have typical accompaniments such as patacones, cassava, rice and frijoles.

Los Gunas cooks are well known for their culinary skills. They acquired knowledge about Western cuisine and joined it to their traditional cuisine.

Artisanies for Souvenir

The Gunas have been able to exploit the art they possess for the making of handicrafts, proof of which is that they are their women, expert seamstresses recognized worldwide by the production of the famous “Molas” with which many manage their sustento.

Las springs maintain a decorative style carved in fabrics, worked upside down with the ancient techniques of embroidery. They are made with colorful textiles of different colors, joined by sometimes invisible stitches.


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