Six places to know near Santiago de Chile


A few kilometers from the city of Santiago, there are some places that are worthy of being known, both for those who live there or for those who visit the Chilean capital. Today we present you, a couple of beaches, a couple of charming villages and a couple of valleys to go on your next trip to Santiago, or why not, your next weekend.Santiago, Chile, Chile.

The city of Santiago de Chile, is very well located, a few kilometers between the sea and the mountain, so you will find several options to do in its surroundings.

Here we leave you some ideas, which we hope you enjoy. Beaches near Santiago One of the things most sought after by visitors to Chile is the majestic beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Many travelers arrive at more traditional destinations such as Valpara so (120 km.) Or Via del Mar (134 km), but to these you can add some places you can not miss such as Algarrobo, or Pichilemu. Carob tree Algarrobo is located at 110 km. of Santiago and is one of the destinations of beaches that form part of the central coast of Chile.

Some of the most visited beaches of the place are Club de Yates, Pejerrey, Internacional and San Pedro that are in the urban zone. The sunsets at Mirasol are also very popular. or the wooded beaches of Canelo and Canelillo. Also in the area is Isla Negra, where Pablo Neruda lived. Pichelemu is for many the extreme sports paradise. It is one of the most aggressive hostels in the Pacific and one of the favorites for those who love extreme disciplines like surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Although it is a little further from Santiago, almost 200 km. is a must if you are looking for adrenaline-filled beaches. A little closer to Santiago is Matanzas (170 km.). This place, besides presenting incredible beaches, has a reserve of water birds, the islet of Pupuya. Charming villages near Santiago You do not have to go far to find places full of charm, secrets or where you can find the most traditional Chile. Pomaire is located only 50 km from the city of Santiago, and is recognized throughout Chile by its artisans who work making pottery in clay.

In the main streets of this colorful village, you will only find shops that work in the typical adobe houses of the region, which commercialize this type of handicraft. Also in Pomaire, you can eat typical Chilean dishes such as empanadas (there they serve the empanada that entered the Guiness book of records for weighing a kilo), casseroles, thighs or rolled up.

Sewell, located 120 km from Santiago, is this place, one of the most mysterious in the country. It is a mining village that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006. Among the architectural particularities that earned this recognition is the fact that there are almost no streets, but only intercommunicated stairs and buildings of different colors and sizes that mark the hierarchy of those who lived there.

Wine tasting near Santiago Chile is known worldwide for its wines, of course if you are in the city of Santiago, in addition to making a traditional excursion to some winery in the city, you can go exploring some of the wine routes that are near the capital. White House 80 km from Santiago, you will find the city of Casablanca.

Within the valley that has the same name, they make the best white wine in the whole country and often the producers usually open their doors so that visitors can know the production process, taste and why not take some jewelry from these artisan wineries.

Aconcagua Valley 70 km. of Santiago, is the Valley of Aconcagua, one of the most fertile zones of Chile and where some traditional celebrations of the Chilean field or huasas are realized. In this region, whose most representative locality is Los Andes, you will also find some of the most important wine producers in the country, but unlike Casablanca, here are the strong flavors.


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